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October 03, 2005

Disk-based Backup Solution with Data Protection Manager

I have mentioned Microsoft Data Protection Manager before when it was in Beta and now it is a full Microsoft Server software application. Unfortunately I do not have the hardware requirements at home to test the application and have not had the opportunity at work to try it.

From the information I have read on the Microsoft site I believe it would be of great benifit in our opperation as due to our 'student users' work is often deleted before an overnight backup, and DPM can back up data to the central DPM server every hour during the day. DPM also allows for faster recoveries saving us and the user a lot of time. We have a 'spare' test server at work so I am hoping to implement it into our network infront of our current tape backup server and see how much easier and more reliable it is.

Posted by The Technician at October 3, 2005 08:22 PM


Hey, I like the site a lot. Great information and resources. I found this link on the Hak.5 forums, just wanted to say "hello".

-Harrison, Hak.5

Posted by: Harrison at October 6, 2005 08:49 PM