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August 30, 2005

Help learn HTML with a real-time editor

When creating a website manually in HTML without a WYSIWYG editor you have to save your file then view it in a browser to see what you have done, but now with some clever scripting you can type HTML in one pane and view the result in another. Real-time HTML Editor is a great site that shows you the output of your HTML code in the lower half of the browser window. This is a perfect tool for beginners so they can quickly see how HTML pages are built and also errors can be stopped quickly.

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August 26, 2005

Google joins VoIP and IM market

Google have been releasing a lot of applications recently and the most exciting one is their new Instant Messaging and Voice over IP application. It uses the Open Source Jabber service and you can interact with its users from other clients like GAIM. The Google Talk application is very clean and simple to use like most Google services, and it ties into your Gmail account nicely and notifies you of any new emails. I have yet to test the voice quality of the service, so if you want to help me test it download the program and add 'BinarySignal' to your buddy list.

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August 18, 2005


Patrick Norton, famous from the classsic 'The Screensavers' and currently heard weekly on ThisWeekInTech.com can now be 'seen' again online. ExtremeTech.com are producing a weekly steaming video program that will air every Tuesday at 9pm EST, that's 2am BST. If you can't watch it live then a downloadable version will be available. But due to technically problems this weeks show is being re-aired or rather re-streamed TONIGHT at 4pm EST which is 9pm BST. So set your alarm and click the graphic below.

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August 14, 2005

A network called 'Internet'

Back in 1993 the Canadian Broadcasting Company did a report on a new network called 'Internet' that people were connecting to. I heard about this video a few months ago but it has recently been dugg again on digg.com.

Today we take 'Internet' for granted and enjoy highspeed connections and streaming media, but back then it was dial-up and text based. I first experienced 'Internet' back in 1995 while visiting a friend in Texas who had AOL, what was your first 'Internet' experience?

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August 07, 2005

Even more online Tech Shows

Two new online Tech shows have launched in the last few weeks, both are brilliant and deal with different subjects.
Hak5.org have just released their pilot episode and cover case modding, home automation and cool tips. They have a forum were you can talk about the shows and the content and I think will be producing a monthly show.

The other show is all about gaming on the PC and consoles and most importantly is hosting by a girl (Jenn) which breaks away from the normal male produced shows. Jenn has already released 2 episodes and if you are at all interested in games and game tech then make sure you check her site out - Openalpha.tv.

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