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July 24, 2005

Welcolme to BinarySignal.org

I have now re-branded this site under the name BinarySignal.org as I feel it better portrays the site content and the direction I want to take it. As I produce more tech video’s we will be providing a broadcast, in it’s most basic terms, of ones and zeros, so the name fits perfectly. Also from September I start instructing students on the CCNA course and will use this site to host information and resources for them.

syndicateONE.net was initially my company name and content on BinarySignal.org will be made under that name. You can still access the site via either URL, and now email us at binarysignal@gmail.com or Skype me at BinarySignal.

Posted by syndicateone at July 24, 2005 08:22 PM