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July 29, 2005

DVD Media Guide

DVD Burners are now dirt cheap and if the price continues to go down Kellogs will be giving them away in boxes of cereal. That means nearly everyone should have one by now and while the DVD drives are mostly the same specification, the media definately is not. To save yourself buying the wrong media and ending up with lots of useless coasters, read this great guide which explains all about the different quality of DVD media from different companies. Personally I like Ritek and Bulkpack.

digitalFAQ.com | Blank DVD Media Quality Guide

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July 24, 2005

Using BeyondTV video

To celebrate the launch of BinarySignal.org I present to you our first demonstration video. In our first video I talk about what is needed to run your own Personal Video Recorder and give a demonstration of mine in action. The other purpose of the video was also to give me content and a project to work on when learning Adobe Premiere Pro. In making this video I have learnt a lot about creating and editing video content and also the preparation required. If you listen to the video carefully there are a number of mistakes, but as this is just our first attempt I figured they can be overlooked.

Watch Using Beyond TV Video (22mb). I decided to release the video in the Windows Media Video format, and will experiment with Divx and Quicktime later. Please give me your feedback in the comments section.

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Welcolme to BinarySignal.org

I have now re-branded this site under the name BinarySignal.org as I feel it better portrays the site content and the direction I want to take it. As I produce more tech video’s we will be providing a broadcast, in it’s most basic terms, of ones and zeros, so the name fits perfectly. Also from September I start instructing students on the CCNA course and will use this site to host information and resources for them.

syndicateONE.net was initially my company name and content on BinarySignal.org will be made under that name. You can still access the site via either URL, and now email us at binarysignal@gmail.com or Skype me at BinarySignal.

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July 21, 2005

Shared Computer Toolkit for Windows XP

Microsoft have released a Beta of Microsoft Shared Computer Toolkit for Windows XP which allows users to essentially lock down a shared computer so that setting and programs can not be altered. It allows you to apply Active Directory style Group Policies and Mandatory Profiles so workstations are secure. It has an easy to use User Interface (UI) and is primarily aimed at home users with troublesome children or small schools who do not have centralised security.

There is a great video over at Channel9.MSDN.com which explains it all. Remember it is a Beta so ensure you back up your data before you install it.

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July 19, 2005

RIS : Remote Installation Service

Last night I finally got Remote Installation Service to work on my network. I have read about it a lot and knew it was possible, but yesterday my brain was firing on all cylinders and I worked out the DHCP kink which was probably stopping it before. It was a very exciting time seeing my slim line Dell PC network boot and start the install. I still have to experiment with installing all the needed applications, like Office, and then creating a full image.

You can see a short video of my setup here. It is created using the latest Divx version so you may need to update your player.

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July 15, 2005

System Administrators Day - 29th July

You have two weeks notice to go to your local card shop and get your SysAdmin a 'System Administrators Day' card. Friday 29th July is our day, when we expect to be showered with gifts and presents or at the very least donuts with sprinkes and frosting (icing).

Until then check out this video and this song and worship the 'great power' that is your System Administrator.

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July 09, 2005

Feed the IT Guy - Game

Anyone knows that being an IT Guy is all about the next snack or caffeine fix and fixing problems on the network. MSN have a great flash game based around ‘our’ work lives. Give it a try, I only lasted till Thursday. MSN Tech & Gadgets - Feed the IT Guy

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July 08, 2005

Networking Windows to Fedora Core Linux

Making the move to Linux is a lot easier if I can still get access to all the gigabytes of files on my Windows machine. Luckily SAMBA makes accessing Windows shares from Linux easier and Reallylinux.com have a good 'Basic Networking - Windows to Linux Fedora' guide.

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July 05, 2005

More tools for Linux - DVD to Divx

In my quest to use Linux more as a daily OS I have been looking for tips, tricks and things I can do with it and was happy to find this good guide showing how to backup your DVD's to Divx. PCQuest : Linux : Rip DVDs to DivX on Linux�

Also Issue 4 of TUX magazine is out with more information for new Linux users.

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July 04, 2005

PC IQ Test

Test your computer knowledge with this 10 question test from CNET. Quick Quizzes: PC IQ Test - CNET reviews
I am embarrassed to say that I only got 90%. Oh the shame.

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