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May 27, 2005

History Of Windows

Ever wonder what came before Windows XP? OSViews.com have a brief history with screenshots of early Windows versions. Windows History (1985-1994)

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May 24, 2005

CNet launches UK site

For years CNet.com has been the site for tech news, reviews and product write ups, but it was targeted to the US audience. Recently CNet launched Cnet.co.uk especially for the UK, with write ups of products available in the UK and most importantly prices in Pounds Sterling. Reviews, Prices, News & Features at CNET.co.uk

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May 23, 2005

Systm released today

The most eagerly anticipated online tech video show is being released today at 8pm PST (2am BST). It comes from Kevin Rose who has just recently announced he is leaving G4TechTV and will be producing regular tech shows available free to download. You can find out more at his personal site KevinRose.com were you can make a donation and check out the new show ’Systm’.

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May 22, 2005

Understanding Subnets and IP's

At the moment I am frantically studying for a CCNA course I will be attending at the begining of June. As part of my revision I am going over information about Subnets and IP addresses. I found a good site SubnetOnline.com that explains subnets in a simple and easy to follow manner. If you are interested in CCNA courses check the Cisco site for details.

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May 17, 2005

Configuring Squid Proxy To Authenticate With Active Directory

A few months ago I looked into using Squid at our school instead of the ISP proxy. But I was not sure how to intergrate it into our Active Directory and control access. Today while checking for updates for our great print quota software I found this how to article explaining exactly what to do. PaperCut Software Knowledge Base - Main.ConfiguringSquidProxyToAuthenticateWithActiveDirectory

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May 15, 2005


I am not sure if this is a real Dell commerical or just a funny spoof of the Thunderbirds style puppets. What ever it is for it is funny to watch. DELL : Tech Force

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May 11, 2005

Switch to Linux and learning to use a new OS

At work I have been experimenting with Fedora Core 3 and also have just installed Linspire within a Virtual PC. Learning a completely new operating system can be very exciting and also completely annoying. Users get very used to the ‘windows’ way and even with lots of Linux information available on the internet it is not always easy making the switch. Two great resources are TUX | The First and Only Magazine for the New Linux User and also UseLinuxAtHome.com as they are specifically written for new users and help make the transition easier. The Tux magazine is interesting as it is a traditional style print magazine distributed in a new medium, that being the .PDF format. It is formatted well for reading on your screen or can be printed if preferred.

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May 08, 2005

FYI - The insiders guide to Microsoft Technology

Microsoft produces a free quarterly magazine for UK residents that include information about using Microsoft technology. The articles give good explanations of server technologies and advice on how to use applications to benefit your business. I have subscribed to this magazine since the first issue and although it is clearly biased to Microsoft it is a very interesting read, and I have learnt a lot from it. It was from this magazine that I first heard about Software Update Services. Go and subscribe today FYI – the insiders guide to Microsoft

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Network Calculators

Understanding network addressing, subnets and subnet masks is an important part of being a Network Technician and is taught extensively in the Cisco courses. Once you understand the concept and can manually work out network calculation it is always good to have a website that can do it for you. Network Calculators

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May 07, 2005

Digital Duo videos from PC World

If you miss the glory days of TechTV and enjoy watching the current homemade tech programs you will probably like PC Worlds Digital Duo. Much like the videos at CNet.com they review and explain technology for everyone. They have a large library of videos covering everthing from VoIP to portable gaming. PCWorld.com - Digital Duo

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May 03, 2005

Recover Deleted Files and Lost Data

The feeling of despair when you delete a much needed file or a hard drive becomes unreadable can be avoided, by first always having a recent backup and by using recovery utilities. PCWorld.com - Free Hard Disk Utilities: Recover Deleted Files and Lost Data review 4 different free applications for retrieving lost data. When I have some spare time I am going to try out these utilities on a problem hard drive I have and see if I can recover any of the data on it.

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May 01, 2005

Build a Better DVR out of an Old PC

The Tivo has revolutionised the way people watch TV as you no longer have to search for a blank tape when you want to record a show, don’t have to remember to set the timer and can pause and rewind live TV. If you have a spare old computer you can build yourself a homemade Tivo like system with cheap or even free software. I use BeyondTV from SnapStream.com for my home built media computer and use it to watch my downloaded TV shows more than I use my standard cable box. If you want to know how to make your our Digital Video Recorder read this great article, MakeZine.com: Free TiVo: Build a Better DVR out of an Old PC

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