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March 06, 2005

Online Tech Video Shows

If you live in the USA and get G4TechTV you can enjoy some technology TV shows like ‘The ScreenSavers’. The ScreenSavers is not as good as it was before G4 took over and move people are creating their own online tech video shows.

The most famous online tech show is probably www.thebroken.org which is made by Kevin Rose (a ‘ScreenSavers’ presenter) and his friends. They have so far produced 3 episodes and there has been a long delay waiting for the 4th, but shooting should be starting soon.

The newest show I have found is www.2gng.info and their first episode looks very promising. They covered creating a CarPC, spoke about Firefox and gave some Photoshop tips. The next episode will be interesting as they learn to make better video and get more feedback from viewers.

Another two online shows (that I have not had a chance to watch yet) are www.exitframe.org and www.binrev.com/hacktv. It is great that so many groups are creating their own tech shows and covering different areas of technology.

Posted by The Technician at March 6, 2005 08:25 PM

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Cool websites, the Utilities on www.exitframe.org and the videos on the broken are really helpful.

Posted by: Mr Ed at March 7, 2005 04:18 PM