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January 31, 2005

Easily put updating RSS links and headlines on your website

I am being looking around finding out how to do this and just discovered a site that creates the code for you. You just enter the RSS feed URL and the site creates the code that you can then place anywhere on your own site. Check out
Expect to see it implemented here in the future.

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January 19, 2005

Skype + Podcast Recorder = SkypeCasters has a great .PDF file with detailed instructions on how to use Skype and a few other applications to capture your conversations which you can use in your podcasts. In fact the site has a lot of information about Skype and I just found out about the Q-Card from Jyve Solutions which I hope to add to my site soon.

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January 18, 2005

Create a Favicon

This great site automatically creates Favicons for you from any picture you have. FavIcon from Pics

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Erasing a Hard Disk

I was recently asked by someone how they could completely erase their hard disk. From the G4TechTV newsletter I found this application which appears to do the job very well

I have not tried it yet, but when back at work I will try it out on an old machine we have.

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Welcome to our new site

I have just installed Movable Type on to my server in the hopes it will make maintaining this site easier. I hope to create a resource site for technical people like myself who often need good IT information but then lose it or forget how to find it. I will create categories for all the areas of computers and networking that I think we will need, and then post the information I find in those areas. At my work people often ask me how do I do this and it would be good to beable to direct them to this site.

I have another site with WordPress on so I am very interesting as to which blogging softwarw will be easier to use and configure to my liking.

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